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Carlos J. Camacho
Structural Bioinformatics Lab
Department of Computational Biology
University of Pittsburgh

Research Projects

Protein-protein interactions

Protein binding dynamics

Protein docking

Protein-DNA interactions

Homology modeling
CASP5 results

Genomics and molecular evolution

Thermodynamic & dynamics of protein folding


Protein Docking:

We have successfully validated our technology for prediction of protein interactions in the first International Critical Assessment of PRediction of Interactions (CAPRI) carried out last week in France. Recent Ph.D. graduate David Gatchell and I were one of three groups who successfully produced a model for three protein complexes (i.e., prior to the release of the crystal structure). More importantly, from the point of view of potential applications of our platform, we were the only group that consistently and unambiguously gave the correct model a Nr. 1 ranking (i.e., with highest confidence), while other groups had their correct prediction ranked among their top 5 models.
Since we are actively seeking new applications and collaborations, we would like to make this cutting edge technology available to those interested in protein interactions. For this purpose, in collaboration with Graduate Student Steve Comeau, we set up a public server named ClusPro . [1]| [2]

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Carlos J. Camacho
Associate Professor
Department of Computational Biology
Department of Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry
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Protein interactions:
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Homology modeling:
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Protein-protein interactions:
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